Yoru no Neko

Someday I will make the sun shine for me -- Daemon Night

Bio undergoing a major rehaul. Everything you read below is like ten years out of date and not reflective of the person I am anymore.

So...me...What's to say about me?...hmm...
Anti-social, unfunny, boring...and, as you probably guessed, a pessimist ^^ (My best friend will kill me for writing that ^_^) I'm a little of a masochist too ^o^ but not too much.
No, seriously, this is kinda pointless anyway. How can you sum up how and what you are in simple words? I can say anything and everything and it would still not count. What really count is getting to know me, for real. And getting to know people you do by talking to them, spending time with them and so on. Not reading it of some paper right? Or do you think I'm wrong here?

I guess there are a few things I can mention about me.

Hmm, yes, I still live with my family, a little of a hopeless case but what do you do when you don't have money to move? Anyway, atm I am moving back and forth between living with my mum in her apartment in town and with my dad in my childhood home right outside of town.
I have one older sister and one younger, can barely stand either of them, but my big sister is the worst. Would be much happier without her. And that's not just the "normal" sibling rivalry talking, I really do _not_ like her. I know my best friend Cas agrees with me that she's horrible.

I adore cats! =^_^= *meow* Have two of them right at my dad's, nicknamed the Bitch and Fatso, and one at my mom's place, named Jalmar. Can't live without cats XD
And funnily enough I also like lizard and snakes. Would have snakes, but mum hates them, so I got two lizardz instead.

I'm a person that always says what I mean and mean what I say. Free spirited. Ain't nobody that can stop me from doing what I want and need to do!

My free time is often spent playing games or in front of the computer. Big World of Warcraft nerd here. But anything like CS, Diablo goes to. Got loads of PS2 games, got a PSP, a Nintendo DS and games to them...so, a lot of games.
I read a lot of books and goes through fanfictions like it's the air I breathe. Other than that I write myself, my own fanfiction stories and such and also a lot of poems. It's sorta my way to went my feelings. Drawing is also a hobby I have, though I don't have the time or energy to draw or write that much anymore which I find sad =(
Have gotten a little inspired lately so I'll see if I can't take up writing soon again, and maybe post something on lj.
I also like sewing and stuff. Comes in handy when another hobby I have is cosplaying ^_^ I have done a total of 4 cosplay costumes from FFX, Kingdom Hearts, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and FF:Crisis Core. I also do some stuff for close friends of mine. Maybe I'll post some pics of that as well.
Now, one of my greatest hobbies is music. I like almost (almost being the keyword here ^_~) all kinds of music, japanese/korean rock&pop, rock etc.
That said, feel free to ignore me, comment on anything I write or...anything really ^_^ I'm not much of a talker, but get me started on things I like and I'll never stop =^_^=

Other sites you can find me:

Deviant-art ID: http://daemon-night.deviantart.com/

Fanfiction.net ID: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/784201/